Update Extension Details to an Active or Pending Campaign

After an ad has been published, there are limited adjustments that can be made. Skip to a section below to learn more about the process for each:


Update Geo-Targeting

Geographic targeting changes can be made at any time after an ad has been published (active or pending status).

The following geo-targeting options are available:
  • Mile radius around a ZIP/Postal code
  • Target a specific list of ZIP/Postal codes (minimum of 10)
  • Target an entire state, province, or country
To update the targeting:

1. Navigate to the My Ads section and click the ad that needs to be updated
2. Select Export from the Action Bar > Display to Thunder
3. A properties panel will fly out, where the targeting can be updated and changed 
4. Select Agree to Terms and then Publish to finalize
5. The targeting will update next day at 6 am PST 


Update Campaign Dates

If you need to make a last minute change to your campaign dates or the impression target while a campaign is Pending, email us at support@makethunder.com with this request. Unfortunately, we can't make any changes once a campaign is active. Because of this, we recommend:
  • Canceling a campaign early if an early end date is required
  • OR Cloning a campaign with an extended date if a campaign extension is required

Modify a Campaign’s Creative

Creative design can be changed at any time after a campaign has been submitted. To make any changes to the creative, select Edit from the Properties Panel. This will bring up the Customizer. Finalize the creative changes and push them live by selecting Submit Campaign in the upper right-hand corner.


Cancel a Campaign

Click the Cancel button on the bottom right-hand corner within Publish Status to immediately deactivate the campaign. Once the campaign is canceled, the campaign status will change to Expired

*Note: Once the campaign is canceled, there isn't a way to restart it unless the campaign is cloned and resubmitted.