Learn how to use and view E-tearsheets, which allow for you to preview an ad in a website environment to see what it would look like when the ad is live. E-tearsheets are visible at the bottom of your creative stats page.  

An e-tearsheet is simply a preview of an ad in a simulated website environment. It will display what your ad will look like when it is placed in a website. E-tearsheets are generated automatically when a creative is submitted and exported. Tearsheets are automatically captured about once every 30 days.

Sometimes when generating an E-tearsheet the tool will snap a screenshot that falls 'below the fold' - meaning the creative is on the tearsheet but is below where the tool captured the screenshot. You can now hover over any tearsheet where this happens and click 'replace' to generate a new tearsheet request. Requests can take up to 24 hours to generate.