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  • Add a Shape to One or All Ad Sizes

  • Edit or Style Shapes

  • Add a Circle or Rounded Rectangle

Add a Shape to One or All Ad Sizes

Click Create(+) Shape. A black shape will appear in the asset panel. To add to one ad size, click and drag the shape from the panel and onto the desired ad size. To add to all ad sizes, use the command key (for Mac) or the ctrl key (for PC) and click and drag the shape to the stage.

 Add to One Ad Size

 Add to All Ad Sizes

 Edit or Style Shapes

Edit the properties of any shape on an individual ad size by hovering over the shape, then using the editing options that appear in the action panel at the top of the editor.

Make property edits across all ad sizes where the shape exists by clicking the edit button from Shapes in the asset panel. Available adjustments include properties like color, border, and opacity.

Add a Circle or Rounded Rectangle 

Add a circle, pill shaped box, or rounded rectangle by changing the corner % or pixels. Click edit on a shape and choose to update a pixel or percentage (%) value. 

Pixel value changes creates a rounded rectangle.

Percentage (%) value changes create a circle.

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