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  • Photos Tab

  • Add Photos to Ad sizes

  • Change Photos Via the Asset Panel

  • Change Photos for Individual Sizes on Stage

  • Crop and Focal Point

  • Edit Photos

Photos Tab

The photos tab will be the first option on the asset panel once an ad is created. Change the existing photo and replace it with another by clicking on the Change button. This will open the Photo Gallery.

 The Photo Gallery is divided into three sections:

Add Photos to Ad Sizes

Add photos to all or one ad size. To add to one ad size, click and drag the photo from the panel and onto the desired ad size. To add to all ad sizes, use the command Key (for Mac) or the ctrl key (for PC) and click and drag the photo to the stage. With either method, the photos are sized to fit each ad unit. You can crop a photo across one or multiple ad sizes (see: Crop and Focal Point below.)

Add to One Size

  Add to All Sizes

Change Photos Via the Asset Panel 

From the Asset Panel select a photo and click on the change button. Choose a new photo from the suggested, stock, or uploads columns. Next, see the edit take effect across all ad sizes where that asset exists on the stage.

Change Photos for Individual Sizes

To edit a photo, click any photo on the canvas. The Action bar will appear at the top of the editor, providing local editing options to choose from, including the Change button. Clicking Change will bring up the Photo Library on the Asset Panel where a new image can be selected. Click the blue Done button or click onto the stage to return editing.

Crop and Focal Point

Crop and make additional photo edits using the action panel found at the top of the editor.

Edit Photos

Apply filters and make adjustments to images within the editor. To access the photo editor, select Edit Photo from the Photo Menu of the photo to be adjusted. There are three options to enhance a photo:

  • Auto: Automatically optimize image

  • Filters: Apply filters such as Black & White or Sepia

  • Adjustments: Adjust image brightness, contrast, saturation, vibrance, sharpen, blur, or vignette.

Select Apply to finalize the edit, or Reset All Changes to revert the image back to the original.

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