Read on to learn about:

  • The Text Tab

  • Add Text to Ad Units 

  • Edit Text Across All Ad Sizes via the Asset Panel

  • Edit Individual Text Via the Action Bar

  • Customize Text with Google Fonts or Custom Fonts

  • Stylize Text with Rich Text Features

About the Text Tab

The Text Tab is another option in the Asset Panel. Add or change existing text objects with options in this tab. The Text Gallery is divided into three categories to select text from:

  • Suggested Text: Suggested text based on industry information and content found on the advertiser's website. (not available for all accounts)

  • Suggested Reviews: Suggested star reviews from review and directory sites around the web. These reviews have been automatically filtered to only display positive 4 & 5-star reviews. (not available for all accounts)

  • Write Your Own: Write custom text to insert into the ad design.

Add Text to One Ad Size

In order to add text to a single ad size, click and drag the text from the panel and onto the desired ad unit on the stage. 


Add Text to All Ad Sizes 

To add to all ad sizes, use the command key (for Mac) or the ctrl key (for PC) and click and drag the text to the stage.

Edit Text Across All Ad Sizes via the Asset Panel

On the Asset Panel, click Edit next to the text box that should be changed. All frames and ad sizes that contain this asset will automatically change. Underneath the text field, you'll see your options to change the font, color, alignment, and styling of this text.

Edit Individual Text Via the Action Bar 

Choose a text layer from any ad size on the stage. From the action panel that appears at the top of the editor appear options to change the font, color, and text styling. Additional options exist in the action panel to adjust text alignment, kerning and line height.

Customize Text with Google Fonts or Custom Fonts

  • Customize text using the Google font library. Download up to 3 Google fonts to use in the campaign. To access the Google font library, select View > Google Fonts from the toolbar or More Fonts at the bottom of the Font Menu.

Note: Bold and Italics may not be available as inline formatting options depending if it is a custom font or if the Google Font does not support those stylizations.

  • To upload a custom font, select View > Custom Font. A window will pop up to load an .OTF or .TTF file. You can drag and drop one or several at a time. Click upload and confirm page reload to continue. Once the page reloads, the font will be available in the drop-down font menu.

Rich Text

Rich Text offers more stylization than standard text options. These are the current Rich Text options available via the text editor or the text inline widget:

  • Bold

  • Italics

  • Underline

  • Line Alignment

  • Letter Spacing

  • Line Height

  • Strikethrough

  • Special Characters: Copyright, Registered, Trademark, and Servicemark

  • Superscript

  • Subscript

  • Text Show Scrollbar

  • Text Shadow

  • Text Outline

In addition to these options, inline editing options are now available. For example, portions of the text may have different stylizations within the same text block.

These features are still defined to block formatting only:

  • Font Family

  • Font Color / Opacity

  • Alignment

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