Animation Sequence: add/remove/reorder animations to control how the layer behaves during the life of the ad.
Lifespan Line: visualize the layer’s lifespan in the ad and where the different Frame Markers are present in the ad. Toggle Frame Markers to increase/decrease the lifespan of the layer.

Animation Panel Overview

  1. Animation Card: shows the type of animation that will play in the sequence. Cards can be dragged to reorder its position in the animation sequence.

  2. Name: click on the name to choose a different animation type - either from a preset or saved animation.

  3. Duration: change the duration of the animation in the card.

  4. Dot Menu: gives additional options.

  5. Pause Card: applies a pause in animation for a set amount of time.

  6. Add Animation: allows you to add new animation effects.

Solid Line: indicates that the layer is visible for that duration.
Note: the exception may be that the layer is off the canvas or has opacity zero.
Dotted Line: indicates that layer is not active. In the example below, Rubber Band effect plays at 6s mark for 1s and the layer disappears at 7s mark.
Frame Toggle: shows where frames boundaries are. Click on the frame toggles to increase/decrease the lifespan of the animation sequence. Clicking will add/remove “pause cards” one at a time.

  • Filled Circle: indicates that the layer is visible at this frame boundary

  • UnFilled Circle: indicates the layer is NOT visible at this frame boundary

Start of Layer’s Life: shows when the layer starts its life. The text at the top indicates on which frame the layer was first dropped. All subsequent frame toggles are available so that users can extend the layer’s life beyond the current frame.
Note: To go to an earlier frame, users can simply navigate to earlier frame and paste the layer.

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