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Video Import Requirements

Video functionality is enabled at an account level. Please contact your account manager to inquire about pricing or reach out to for questions.

  • Video must be in .mp4 format

  • MP4 format only and maximum file size is 15 mb

  • No compression on video component during compilation. The size of the imported video will add to the file weight of the creative in full.

  • Video with audio is compatible


Video Import

Import a video to traffic within Thunder. Imported videos saves time, allows more complex animation to be used, and allows users to take advantage of publishing via ad tags or DCM.
 *Any trafficked Thunder creative with imported video will be flagged at the ad distribution level as rich media.*

 To import a video:

  1. Drag and drop the video onto the stage

  2. Change the duration of your frames or utilize enough frames to run the length of the video

Use video as a design element while building within Thunder:

Export to Video

Ads built within Thunder can be exported as an .mp4 file straight to your desktop.
*Note: Ads that have imported video cannot be exported. Only non-video ads built within Thunder can be exported as an .mp4. 

  1. Once the creative design is finished, select the ad size to download

  2. Select File > Download > Selected Ad Unit to Video

  3. The .mp4 will download directly to your computer

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