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  • My Ads
  • Tree Editor 
  • Reporting

My Ads

  • Last Modified - Date and time a user made an edit to a creative 
  • Last Submitted - Date and time a user submitted changes to a creative
  • Landing Page - Website URL linked to an ad
  • Event Trackers - Field where a link to a third party tracker(s) can be appended
  • Site Activity Pixels - Thunder image or a javascript pixel for retargeting campaigns
  • Ad Tag Trackers - Tool allowing management of all third party trackers
  • Decision Feed - Matrix that fills text and images into a template linked to specific targeting parameters
  • Bulk Submit - Tool that allows for submission of multiple creative sets
  • Export - Tool that allows for download of creatives as tags, HTML5 zip and static images
  • Filter Types - Tool that allows data to be filtered based on type

Tree Editor

  • Cut/Copy - Tool allows a node to be cut/copied. All nodes below the cut are copied
  • Insert Above - Place a node above existing nodes
  • Vertical Tree (beta) - A flattened version of a decision tree
  • Segments - User defined logic for decisioning nodes
  • Creative Group - Set of ads with predetermined rotation, frequency, and flight data
  • UUID - ID of a creative group
  • ID - ID of a unique ad set 
  • Trees that use this creative group - List of all trees a creative group exists in
  • Creative Group Strategy - Tool used by internal team for setting strategy
  • Creative Sequencing - The order of creatives displayed based on the impression frequency
  • Weighted Random - Setting allowing for random distribution of a creative group
  • Sequential - Setting allowing a sequence on creative groups based on their impression frequency
  • Sequential + Loop - Setting the sets next creative group to run in sequence and in a loop.



  • Summary - Dashboard displaying overall account performance metrics 
  • Reach - Dashboard isolating reach overlap by unique DSP 
  • Creative - Dashboard displaying unique creative metrics (most conversions, most clicked, etc)
  • Engagement - Dashboard displaying attribution and conversion rates over time
  • Activity - Dashboard displaying various campaign activity
  • Custom Report Builder - Customizable report dashboard that displays data by impression, user, and time attributes.
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