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  • Photos Tab
  • Change a Photo
  • Remove a Photo
  • Add a Photo
  • Crop a Photo
  • Edit a Photo 

Photos Tab

Use this tab to change any photo in the ad design. Photos are divided into three categories:

  • Suggested - Photos from the business’s website in order of rank from left to right.
  • Stock - Professional royalty-free images. Search for other images by category using the search bar.
  • Uploads - Upload images from a personal computer

Click on a photo in the Asset Panel. The photo is now highlighted in the ad design and two options will appear: Change or Remove.

Change a Photo

To change an image, select a different photo to replace it. Click the Change button to replace the existing image with a Suggested, Stock, or Uploaded image.

Select the photo and then click the blue Done button to finalize the change. The photo will be updated to all ad sizes automatically.
Tip: Scroll up or down to see more available images (if applicable)

Remove a Photo

Hover over the photo to reveal a trash can. To remove the photo completely from the ad, click on the trash can to remove it completely from the ad design. If there are fewer photos than frames in the ad design, the photos in the beginning of the rotation will repeat themselves to fill the space in the remaining frames.
The change will be updated to all ad sizes automatically.

Add a Photo

To add an additional image click the dotted square frame that contains the blue + within the photos tab. A gallery with Suggested, Stock, or Upload options become available.
 (Note: This option is only available if there are less than 5 photo square frames)
 Photo Upload Requirements 

  • Max file size weight is 10 MB
  • Max file size dimensions are 4000 x 4000
  • Accepted file formats: GIF, JPG, PNG, or TIFF

Select the photo, and then click the blue Done button to finalize the change. The photo will be updated to all ad sizes automatically.

Crop a Photo

  1. Select the photo on the ad canvas.
  2. Drag the white corner anchors of the photo to adjust to the desired photo size. Notice the image is resized but may not be centered in the frame.
  3. To adjust the image position within the photo frame, click and drag the photo to move it to the desired position. The photo frame area in Local Ad Creator is fixed and cannot be edited or resized.

Tip: Parts of the photo that are outside the edges of the frame will be semi-transparent while you have the image selected.

Edit a Photo

Apply filters and make adjustments to images while in the editor. To access the photo editor, select Edit Photo from the photo menu of the photo. Here you'll be presented with three options:

  • Auto: Automatically optimize the image.
  • Filters: Apply filters such as Black & White or Sepia.
  • Adjustments: Adjust image brightness, contrast, saturation, vibrance, sharpen, blur, or vignette.

Select Apply to apply the edit or Reset all changes to revert the image back to the original. 

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