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  • Logos Tab
  • Change a Logo
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  • Use a Text Logo

Logos Tab

Change the content of the logo slot within the ad design through the Logos Tab. Logos are divided into two categories:

  • Logos: Contains logo images found on the web in order of rank from left to right.
  • Uploads: Upload a logo from a personal computer.

When you click on an image in the Asset Panel, the image is highlighted in the ad design and two options will appear: Change or Remove.

Change a Logo

Click the Change button to replace the existing logo with something else. Browse through the image gallery or upload a logo from a personal computer to replace the original. Select the logo of choice, and then click the blue Done button to finalize the change. The logo will be updated to all ad sizes automatically.

Tip: Scroll up or down to see more available logos (if applicable)

Crop a Logo

  1. Select the logo on the ad canvas.
  2. Drag the white corner anchors of the logo to adjust to the desired logo size.
  3. To adjust the image position within the logo area, click and drag the logo to move it to the desired position. The logo area is fixed and cannot be edited or resized in Local Ad Creator.

Tip: The outside edges of the logo area will be semi-transparent while the logo is selected

Use a Text Logo

To use a text logo, click the “...” button within the Asset Panel to switch to a text option. If the client doesn’t have a suitable logo image, select the text logo option and type the text to appear in the logo space. The text logo will be updated to all ad sizes automatically.

 Tip: Style the text logo to match advertisers color and theme (see Stylize Text)

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