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  • Facebook Ad Units and where they will appear
  • Configure Ad Settings

Tip: If you would like to enable the Facebook ad unit on your account, please contact your Thunder account manager.

About the Facebook Ad Unit & Where it Will Appear

If the Facebook platform is enabled, there will be an extra tab called Facebook in the Asset Panel. There are two types of Facebook ads:
Single: One static ad unit only visible while editing Frame 1.
Carousel: Up to 5 frames that animate or rotate through.
Placements: A Facebook ad has the potential to appear as 5 different ad units on Facebook

  • Mobile News Feed
  • Desktop News Feed
  • Right Column
  • Audience Network
  • Instant Articles

A sample graphic of 3 different types of placements. For more examples of placements click
here to be directed to Facebook’s ads guide.
Facebook recommends one ad size of 1200 x 628. Only one ad size necessary because the recommended ad size aspect ratio is shared across all placements. The ad size will auto adjust to fit into the image space.

Configure Ad Settings

Single Facebook ad units will use the same photo as Frame 1 of web and mobile ad units. Facebook requires its own unique text parameters which you will find on the Facebook Tab.

  • Text (70 Character Limit): Grab interest with information about what’s being advertised
  • Headline (25 Character Limit): Set the tone for the ad using this large prominent text box.
  • News Feed Link Description (200 Character Limit): Further elaborate on the headline above with a full sentence.
  • Call To Action: Add an optional call to action button. Facebook’s pre-approved CTA buttons are the only available options.
  • Display Link: Add the URL of the business (does not have to be the same URL as the click-through-URL).

The business name and logo will populate automatically when the campaign is live with the advertiser's name based on the advertiser’s Facebook page name. The business name and logo for Display Builder is used as a placeholder in the ad creator.

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