Welcome to Thunder's Local Ad Creator!

Our platform is designed to make it quick and easy to create awesome looking display ads.
To learn more about the core concepts of LAC, read on for more info:

  • Navigate Between Frames and Ad Sizes
  • Customize the Ad Design
  • Finish the Ad Design
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

Change the View Layout

Change the view layout from the Global View (all ad sizes are on the stage) to the Local Ad Size View (only a single ad size) by clicking Edit next to the ad size or clicking directly on the ad size.
 Select Back to All Sizes to change to the Global View.

 Tip: Certain text assets can only be edited from the global view.

Navigate Between Frames and Ad Sizes

Navigate Between Frames:

  • Switch to a different frame by clicking the corresponding square on the frame selector menu located at the bottom. The frame that is currently in view, will be highlighted blue. 
  • Shortcut: Use the left and right arrow keys to easily navigate between frames

 Navigate Between Ad Sizes:

  • While in the Local Ad Size View select the corresponding circle from the selector menu on the right. The ad size currently in view is highlighted blue.
  • Shortcut: Use the up and down arrow keys to easily navigate between frames.

Customize the Ad Design 

Customize the ad design, photos, logos, and text by selecting from the panel on the left.

Click to learn more about each feature:

Finish the Ad Design

  • Preview the Ad Design: At any point during the ad creation process, click on Play Icon to view all ad sizes in full animation.

  • Finish Editing: Select Exit Editor from the File Menu to advance to the campaign dashboard and submit the ad.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Toggle Between Frames
  1. Toggle Between Ad Units (*in List View only)
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