Read through to learn about:

  • Navigate the Text/Reviews Tab
  • Edit Existing Text
  • Add, Delete, and Arrange Text
  • Access the Text/Review Library
  • Stylize Text

Navigate the Text/Reviews Tab

To edit the text in the creative, click the Text Tab from the Asset Panel. Text in current use will be shown on this tab. Click any line of text and a subtle animation will indicate where the text is on the creative, as well as jump to the frame that contains that text.
Text Tab is organized into three categories:

  • Text/Review: Use reviews pulled from the web or input custom text.
  • Call to Action: User engagement text box to indicate a click through URL.
  • Address: Input the business address or any other text that makes sense. This is only available on certain ad designs.

Edit Existing Text

In the Text Tab click the Edit button to the right of the text line to edit existing text. The text field will expand and allow any edits. When edit is made, all changes will take effect across all ad sizes.

Tip: Text is automatically sized to fit the bounding box. The more characters in use, the smaller the text will be and vice versa.
Address text and CTA text can only be edited in the Global View. If an Edit button is unavailable, click Back to All Sizes in the upper left corner.

Add, Delete, and Arrange Text

Add Text: Click the Text Tab from the Asset Panel, and click the blue + to add a new text line or review.

Tip: If there is no + button, the maximum amount of text (5), has been reached. Delete an existing text to add a new one.

Delete Text: Click the Text Tab from the Asset Panel and hover over the line of text to be deleted. A trash can will appear next to the Edit button, click the trash can to delete.

Arrange Text: Easily adjust which text box corresponds to which frame. Click and drag anywhere on the text box from the Text Tab and move it to the desired order.

Stylize Text

Click the Edit button to the right of the text line to stylize the text. Font style, color, alignment, and bold/italics are all customizable. There are over 700 fonts available through the Google font book API.

Tip: Click More Fonts to access more than 700+ font styles. Once a font is selected, it will be added to the available list dropdown in the Asset Panel.

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