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  • Change the Campaign Name
  • Editor Preview
  • Edit
  • Campaign Details

Change the Campaign Name 

To change the name of a campaign at any time, click the pencil to the right of the name. This name reflects the naming convention in Thunder.

Editor Preview

The Editor Preview will show the uncompiled version of the creative as it lives in the editor. Toggle through every enabled ad size on the account by using the arrows to the left and right. The preview will animate through once, and display the last frame for each ad size.


Use this button to navigate to the campaign’s Creative Studio customizer and make creative changes.


Campaign Details

This section provides quick at-a-glance info on the campaign selected.

  • ID: Unique identifying number that can be used in the search bar, or in reference to Thunder support
  • Status: Identifies what stage the campaign is in
  • Owner: The author or creator of the campaign
  • Last Modified: Timestamp of the last time an edit was made in the customizer
  • Last Submitted: Timestamp of the most recent submit
  • Editor Type: The platform which the campaign was built on
  • Default URL: Designated landing page the ad will click through to
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