This page is designed to streamline the ad ops workflow by showcasing all the options to traffic campaigns. Users can submit, publish, or export creatives all in one place!

Read through to learn about:

  • Filter Status
  • Create a New Campaign
  • Action Bar
  • Properties Panel

Filter Status

  • Draft: Campaign is in the creative editing phase. Click resume to continue editing.
  • Trafficked: Campaigns that have been pushed to DCM.
  • Active: Campaign is live.
  • Submitted: Campaign has been pushed to Thunder’s active state.

Create a New Campaign

Click here for more info on creating campaigns

This button will navigate away from My Ads to Thunder’s Ad Gallery to start a new campaign.

Action Bar

Click here for more info on Export options

This bar activates when 1 or more campaigns have been selected using the check box to the left of the ad name. Once active, the Action Bar will provide the option to delete, clone, or export the selected campaign or campaigns.

Properties Panel

Click here for more info on the properties Panel

This right side panel activates when 1 or more campaigns are selected on the page. The most recently clicked ad will display on the Properties Panel. This panel will display details about the ad, a preview of each ad size, and the option to edit the ad.

  • Arrows: Toggle through ad sizes to preview creative
  • Edit: Click this to jump into the customizer to make creative changes
  • Stats: Click this graph button to navigate to the stats page
  • Details: 
  • ID: Six digit identifier in Place Local
  • Status: What state the ad currently lives in
  • Owner: Who created the ad
  • Last Modified: Time stamp for the last time the creative was edited
  • Last Submitted: Time stamp for most recent submission
  • Editor Type: The Place Local Platform it was edited on
  • Default URL: Landing page URL
  • Ad Units: Infograph display of the channels used in ad
  • Publish Status: Time stamp for most recent push to DCM
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