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What’s in an HTML5 zip file? 

An HTML5 zip folder is the export of a creative file set designed within Thunder. This export contains the necessary files to serve on any ad server.
 It contains:


Export HTML5 zip folder

Please note the HTML5 zip will export the most recently submitted creative within the platform. To ensure the most up to date creative is exported, ensure steps 1 and 2 are done.

  1. Compile Preview.
  2. Submit.
  3. Go to the My Ads page and click the submitted ad to Export.
  4. Export > HTML5.
  5. It will download locally to your computer.

KB Size

Why is the KB size in the compiled preview less than the size of the HTML zip file?
The zip file contains a high resolution static backup image required for most ad servers. Once removed from the folder contents, it will match the KB size shown on the preview page.

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