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  • Editor Preview/Play Preview
  • Compiled Preview
  • Share Ad

Editor Preview/Play Preview

The Editor Preview acts as a quick reference tool to show the uncompiled ad. The Play button instantaneously shows all ad sizes and all frames, exactly how it was designed in the editor.

Compile Preview

This button provides a preview of what the ad will look like after the compilation process. The compilation process ensures that each ad renders correctly across any browser as well as compresses the file size down to abide by LEAN ad standards. This compilation produces a lean, fast loading ad for any server, but might cause the text or photos to shift a pixel. Compile Preview provides the most accurate depiction of what the ad will look like after this process. Use this button as many times through the creative process to verify the ad is pixel perfect.
In this Compiled Preview mode the file size of the creative is exposed on the bottom left hand corner of every ad size. For tips on how to reduce file size click here.

Share Ad

To share this ad to external teams, simply select the share button within the compiled preview page. A pop up window will provide the shareable URL to copy locally and send out. Anyone with this link will see the most recent compiled preview.

Even after the creative changes are made in the editor, the recompile preview will update the existing URL the client already has, without the need to re-send again.

Note: The shareable Preview link does not have an entry point to the editor and does not require Thunder credentials. 

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