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  • Publish to DCM 
  • Publish Status
  • Update Creatives in DCM

Publish to DCM 

(Ad must be in a Submitted state in order to publish to DCM. For more info on finalizing ads click here)

  1. Click the submitted ad(s) to be published from the My Ads page.
  2. Click Export, Display to DCM
  3. Click-Through URL: Select “Set via Ad Server”Ad Units: Select the ad sizes to be trafficked
  4. DCM Settings: Select the DCM ad account for the creatives to live
  5. Ad Tag Type: Javascript or iFrame 

Publish Status

This info shows when the ad was last published to DCM. View details provides info on how it was published and to which ad account.

Updating Creatives in DCM

To submit creative changes to DCM to an ad that’s already been published to DCM, simply Resubmit the ad in the editor, and that will push changes to an already trafficked DCM ad.
Note: If there are new ad sizes that are being published to DCM, a publish acton is necessary as the re-submit will only update existing objects in DCM and not push over the new ad sizes. 

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