To obtain ad tags, push to Facebook, or publish to DCM, the campaign must be submitted from the editor. Once a campaign is submitted, Thunder compiles the assets to generate an ad tag, enabling export actions to take place.
 Learn more by reading below:

  • Compile Preview
  • Submit
  • Publish 
  • Resubmit

Compile Preview 

To learn more about Preview and Share click here.

This button provides a preview of what the ad will look like after the compilation process. The compilation process ensures that each ad renders correctly across any browser as well as compresses the file size down to abide by LEAN ad standards. This compilation produces a lean, fast loading ad for any server, but might cause the text or photos to shift a pixel.

Compile Preview provides the most accurate depiction of what the ad will look like after this process. Use this button as many times through the creative process to verify the ad is pixel perfect.
Note: An ad does not need to be compiled before clicking submit. Best practice to ensure pixel perfection is to check before submitting.


 Use this button to kickstart the compilation process. A first time submit does not mean the ad will serve live anywhere. A newly submitted ad needs the final action of exporting or publishing to other channels in order to serve impressions.

Clicking Submit will prompt a box to designate a landing page URL. Once done, choose to either return to the My Ads page or stay in the Editor.


Click the checkbox next to the newly submitted ad and select Export from the Action Bar:

  • Display to DCM: Use this option to traffic ads via the DCM//Thunder API integration.
  • Facebook: Push Thunder built ads into a Facebook Ad Account as an Ad Set. These are pushed as an inactive ad set ready to be managed within Facebook.
  • Download Ad Tags: Manually export formatted ad tags for the designated ad server.


To update the submitted version in Thunder to reflect creative changes made in the editor, a resubmit needs to take place. The resubmit action will push the changes to existing ad tags and update the active version in Thunder.

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