Please note a campaign must be in a Submitted status to access the Export option. For more info on how to submit an ad click here.
 Read on to learn about:

  • Action Bar & Export
  • Trafficking Options
  • Setting Click-Through URL
  • Download, Copy or Share Ad Tags


Action Bar & Export

Click the checkbox to the left of the ad(s). An Action Bar will appear at the top of the screen, choose Export, and click on the option marked Ad Tags.

Trafficking Options

A menu of options for trafficking the campaign will appear. The menu is broken down below:

Ad Size - Select or de-select any non-applicable ad sizes.
Style - IFrame or Javascript
Protocol - Secured (HTTPS) or Unsecured (HTTP)
Ad Server - Mobile and Desktop - Choose the Ad Server you traffic tags through

Setting Clickthrough URL

Set Via Thunder - Click through URLs will be embedded into the ad tag. The URL is automatically fed from the submission process or if the preview panel is edited.

Set Via Ad Server - Click through URL will be manually added through the applicable ad server. This option should only be used for the DCM Publish Workflow.

Download, Copy, or Share Ad Tags 

Download a .CSV or a .TXT file if grabbing ad tags for multiple sizes:

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