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  • Initial Review Request
  • Commenter/Approver Preview Screen 
  • Designer Feedback Resolution and Submission

Creative commenting and approvals are used to quickly communicate feedback on creative assets from an external preview screen and allows the commenter to reject or approve creatives. Feedback left in the preview link can then be reviewed by the designer, allowing them to make necessary updates in the editor. 

Initial Review Request

From the compiled preview, clicking "Review" will allow the designer to email one or more address to request feedback.

Note: Each reviewer receives their own preview link that will allow them to ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ creative.

Commenter/Approver Preview Screen

From the commenter/approvers perspective, they will receive an email notification with the preview link:

Clicking the link will allow them to:

 Approve - With or without commentary
 Reject - Click on specific design elements to add comments

Designer Feedback Resolution and Submission

A designer reviews feedback in the editor. Clicking on a comment highlights the linked asset. Comments from reviewers can be replied back to, and the designer can mark comments as resolved.

Submitting the creative is possible once approved by all reviewers.

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