Change an ad design, its color or download a pdf of available design specs below!

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  • Select an Ad Design
  • Select a Theme Color
  • Download a PDF of Available Ad Designs

Select an Ad Design

To change the ad design, click the Ad Designs tab on the Asset Panel and choose a design that best fits. Click on any ad design and preview it immediately on the stage to the right. 

Keep in mind that each ad design has predetermined space for photos, logos, and text. Choose the ad design that best highlights the available assets.

Select a Theme Color

Once an ad design is selected, different theme colors become available for that design. Click on a specific ad design in the panel to see the template colors available for that particular design.

Each ad design has a different variety and number of theme colors available. For example, one design may have the shade of dark red, but a different template may only have a bright red or no red at all.

Download a PDF of Available Ad Designs

Download a PDF of the ad design options that can be shared with clients here.

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