Tree Editor

To serve DCO creative through Thunder, users need to build a basic tree. Users can create display, audio and video trees from My Ads via the Create button.

Name the tree and choose the type. Double click the name to hop into the tree editor. Once there, click to add a new creative group, or drag in a previously created one in the lower left corner.

After adding a creative group, the tree should look like this:

From there, assign a creative to the creative group by selecting edit on the right-hand panel. Click add and a dialogue will pop up prompting you to select a creative. Don’t forget to hit save.

Next, assign a tree default via the edit button in the top left corner. Once a default creative has been assigned, the tree is now valid and ready to be submitted.

Click the blue submit button in the top right corner, you should see a green success banner at the top. This tree is now ready for tag export.

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