How to Generate Tags

There are two options to export AdTags from the Thunder DCO platform. These include the "Quick" export of the tree without a placement, or building a “Placement” for the Decision Tree. This article will outline both options.

Quick AdTags

‘Quick Ad Tags’ was created for campaigns that need to be implemented on the fly. Quick Ad Tags is easiest to use when there is one decision node with straightforward logic and no tracking needed.

  1. Select Tree
  2. Click Export
  3. Select Quick Ad Tags
  1. Select Style - either iFrame or Javascript
  2. Select DSP
  3. Download!

Placement for Decision Tree

  1. Select Decision Tree
  2. Add Placement - Click the Edit Icon next to Placements

3. Click Add

4. Label the Placement

TIP: Thunder Placement Name level reporting is available in Looker

5. Select the DSP / Vendor that will serve these AdTags

- If desired Vendor is not present, select DIRECT

- Note: AdTags will have to be manually edited before serving

6. Select either 3rd Party or 4th Party AdServed

- If 3rd Party AdServed, AdTags will be formatted to best match the DSP Macros on file

- If 4th Party AdServed, the only available option will be DCM

- Exported AdTags that are 4PAS DCM will be formatted for DCM

- Please contact for more assistance if needed.

7. Click Save

More DSPs/Servers can be added via a Ticket request - Please contact for more details.

8. Click Done

- You can also Add more “Placements” here or Edit/Delete existing “Placements”

9. Select Decision Tree

- Notice now “1 placement(s) associated”

10. Click Export > Click AdTag Placements

11. AdTags will download as .csv - one AdTag per creative size (dimension)

Bonus: Adding Custom Params/Macros

  1. From the Placements UI click the Pencil Icon for Extra Macros

2. This new screen allows you to tailor the specific AdTags exported for this placement - adding custom parameters and values as needed.

3. As new Params (left) / Values (right) are entered, new rows are automatically added. Be sure to click Save when done.

3a. These can be deleted and edited as needed by going back into the placement UI

4. Now when the AdTags are exported for this Decision Tree, each “placement” created will have a separate set of AdTags - containing the tailored Macros/Values defined in the Placements UI.

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