Dynamitizing Creative

Thunder’s CMP allows you to turn a static creative into dynamic by adding hooks to the creative’s images, text or click actions. The hooks can be manually added into the dynamic data field via text string formatting. For the easier route, onboard the product feed first through the Thunder Product Onboarding Form and enable it as a strategy under DCO Settings. Onboarding the feed first will allow the creative to automatically detect content aware hooks and show them as a drop down and format it for you once selected.

Once the product feed is ingested, you can turn your static creative dynamic via View > Show DCO Settings in the creative editor.

Enable the dynamic toggle on, along with the product feed and select the name of the product feed strategy.

Now that the feed is associated to the creative, you’ll see the column headers of the feed available to be associated to the asset placeholders on the creative stage.

Select the asset to be dynamic and within the Dynamic Data field select the arrows to pull in the dropdown of available column headers that pertain to the asset type. In this screenshot, the camera is an image, so it will only show available image columns in the product feed. Text will only show text columns, and click actions will only show landing page url columns.

Click the one that matches the asset to be replaced.

Here’s another example with text:

To dynamitize a click action, select the plus sign on Action right below dynamic data > add click > go to url > toggle dynamic and hit the drop down again.

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