Query Parameters

Thunder can decision based on values passed via query string parameters. Typically, the DSP or intermediary AdServer can pass an ID, or List of IDs, programmatically via Macro. This ID informs a decision.

This ID or list of IDs may represent:

  • Audience Segment ID
  • LineItem ID
  • Placement ID
  • Campaign ID


Choose query parameters > custom under the segment list drop down in the tree editor.

Name: Give the segment a friendly name to show in the tree.

Param name: The first value of the query parameter in the ad tag. Don’t include any delimiters or encode the value. Examples: targetids, lineitemid, campaignid etc

Param value(s): The receiving or second value sent through the parameter in the ad tag. This is what influences the decision. This field accepts comma separated values. Examples: 123456, foo, audienceA.

Once filled out drag the newly filled node to the tree.

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