Tree Preview Tool

Thunder’s tree preview mode allows you to check the decisioning logic will produce the expected creative outcome by simulating a user profile. To enable tree preview mode, toggle preview mode on in the upper right hand corner.

Create a new profile in the upper left via the plus sign. Add a condition to trigger a yes/no outcome in the tree. In this screenshot the first node checks if it’s raining in the user’s area. Add a condition to the profile to simulate the user’s weather.

In this screenshot the user added rain as a weather condition and the tree outcome has changed from the creative in the ‘Final No’ to the creative preview of the ‘New Creative Group A’. Continue to add conditions to test tree behavior and logic.

*Note* If no conditions are added, the preview will take the logged in users profile conditions as the default. For example, if it was raining in the logged in user’s area and the test profile had no conditions filled out, the outcome would still be New Creative Group A.

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